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Chapter 308 The female lead

  • Yan Wen stared intently at Jiang Sui-an’s eyes, “There’s no need for that between the two of us.”
  • It wasn’t her intention to steal this role from Chen Qin. But due to their schemes, they had brought harm upon Jiang Sui-an’s movie and Yan Wen wouldn’t allow them to ruin her husband’s dream!
  • Chen Qin’s company wanted nothing but to de-escalate the conflict. They were simply waiting for the netizens to lose interest and hopefully the incident would fade out just like that. But Da Hua wouldn’t allow them to escape like that!
  • After the twist of events, now Da Hua and Yan Wen had the upper hands and they were on moral high grounds.
  • “What kind of management company produces what kind of artists… How laughable!” Xia sat before the screen and watched as Chen Qin’s management company’s artistry director doing an interview. She fumed in rage, “And they said they wanted to settle this in peace? And Chen Qin would continue to star in the movie? Now they really thought they had everything in control!”
  • “The one that went on a strike was her. Now the one that decided to keep the cameras rolling is also her. Tasteless and simply disgusting!”
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