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Chapter 303 Shit hits the fan

  • In the wedding ceremony, Rick and Shangguan Li paced with the music and slowly marched on rose petals towards the officiant.
  • Yan Wan was genuinely happy for Shangguan Li. However, it was regrettable that both their parents were not present.
  • In the same time, back in their home country...
  • A famous blogger published a critique article, exposing an under table deal between Chen Qin and another Da Hua’s upper management. And that was why the actress was able to secure the role of female lead.
  • Not only that, the article insinuated that Chen Qin was an indecent woman that leveraged on her body…
  • The netizens was roused and some of them did a background check on the blogger. The man was found out to be Yan Wen’s fan!
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