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Chapter 3 The Start of Revenge

  • Yan Wen started packing as soon as she reached home. She was moving out tomorrow.
  • She knew that she had been too brash yesterday, marrying a stranger while at the Marriage Registration Office!
  • But she had no regrets; the only people who would regret were that scumbag couple.
  • "Wen, it's Zhexuan. Are you okay? Open up!" Bai Zhexuan stood outside the door, yelling frantically.
  • Yan Wen had secretly changed her apartment pass code. Had she found out about them?
  • "Why are you here?" Yan Wen remained calm. It was not time to show her cards yet.
  • Bai Zhexuan scrutinized her for a good minute. Not finding anything different and thinking she just had a bad night, he explained why he came. "Since Lingyun is injured, you need to audition for her this evening. Once you reach the hotel, remember to wear a mask and pretend you're sick. It should be easy to pass off as her."
  • "Pass off as her?" Yan Wen squinted at him. "Aren't the reporters all aware that she's in hospital?"
  • If Bai Zhexuan wanted her to be a stand-in, he at least needed to consider all possibilities!
  • "I've arranged everything. Lingyun's manager will work with you on this. After all, it's your fault Lingyun got injured in the first place. You'd be cruel not to help!"
  • This role must be very important to Jiang Lingyun's career. Otherwise Bai Zhexuan would not have made the trouble to come to her.
  • His shameless words made Yan Wen really understand how badly she had been deceived. All the times she had rushed around for Jiang Lingyun… That was all she was worth to him.
  • "Okay, I'll go." Yan Wen squashed the hate in her heart and nodded.
  • Since they were so insistent, she would put up a magnificent performance so as not to disappoint them.
  • "Remember to get there on time, and don't mess up!" Bai Zhexuan said as he fixed his gaze on her. He did not notice any change in her, and hurriedly left to comfort Jiang Lingyun.
  • Yan Wen saw him off with calm eyes. She swore in her heart that she would personally make them both pay!
  • Shutting the door behind her, she sat alone in silence for a long time. Eventually she picked up her phone and informed her manager Xia about the whole incident.
  • "What? Did he knock his head somewhere? Asking an acclaimed actress like you to pretend to be Jiang Lingyun for an audition? Jiang Lingyun's acting is nowhere near your level. Isn't he afraid they'll see through it?"
  • She could hear Xia slamming the table in frustration.
  • "I have agreed to help." Yan Wen stared at the photo of her and Bai Zhe Xuan that was left on the floor, unnaturally calm.
  • "You're really going?" Xia knew Yan Wen's personality. Once she made a decision, no one could stop her.
  • Yan Wen lightly kicked aside the box by her foot, the mirror reflecting her peaceful countenance.
  • "Xia, I know you're worried about me, but there are things I must do. Help me contact the media outlets. Tell them I have breaking news for them."
  • "I used to stupidly care about my relationship with Bai Zhexuan and stupidly believed everything he said. But it's all clear now. They will pay the price for using me again and again."
  • Her words were a relief to Xia, who had been sincerely following Yan Wen and not given up on her, just waiting for her to wake up.
  • "Don't worry, I'm always on your side!" Xia paused before asking, "But just what are you planning?"
  • "He's asking me to audition for Jiang Lingyun because he's so sure I won't reveal my face. So I'll let everyone know who I am, and also expose the unfair contract that I signed with Grand Entertainment."
  • "Understood. Go ahead and I'll support you the whole way."