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Chapter 298 Director, You really want to quit?

  • Ever since their pictures were exposed, and even during the time when they were surrounded by reporters in the airport, Rick had never once let go of Shangguan Li’s hand. He protected her with all he had.
  • Shangguan Li’s tears flowed like a river. But it was not because of sadness, she had never thought one day a man would protect her like this. Shielding her from malice and hate.
  • “Don’t cry…”
  • Shangguan Li nodded meekly. Her eyes were still misty but she stared at her man trustfully, “I believe you will protect me. Just like how president Jiang protected Yan Wen.”
  • “We are just trying our best to not let our beloved woman get hurt… Doesn’t matter what’s the price.” Rick’s tone was determined.
  • Shangguan Li leaned on his chest and hugged him tightly.
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