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Chapter 287 Protecting his woman

  • Yan Wen looked at Xia in bafflement, “You’ve always followed me wherever I go, now after you got together with Qing Yu you ditch me?”
  • “No… It’s just two weeks for your set this time round right? Plus, boss would be right by your side, I think there’s no need for me to follow along…” Xia chuckled.
  • Yan Wen grabbed Xia’s hand and interrogated, “Really~? Why do I feel that you’re hiding something?”
  • Xia lowered her head and drew out her marriage cert from her purse, “I still haven’t got the chance to bring this back. I’ve already registered with Qing Yu.”
  • “WHAT?!” Yan Wen took over the marriage cert in shock. She was surprised and in exhilaration, “Why didn’t you say anything?”
  • “We decided in last minute that it’s time to move on to the next step.” Xia blushed and her voice turned softer, “He wanted to do that before marriage, but I said no… And then we got registered.”
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