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Chapter 285 A rich girl becoming a showgirl?

  • More importantly, the man tossed his prized daughter aside and left with an actress?
  • “Daddy, I am pissed!” Once Mu Yuxin recalled how unbothered Yan Wen was, she fumed in anger.
  • “What’s the name again? The actress you mentioned just now.” Mr. Mu seemed to recall something.
  • “Yan Wen. She just signed with Da Hua.” Mu Yuxin blurted impatiently.
  • “I remember the granddaughter from the Yan’s family entered the showbiz few years back. Could it be the same person? Later let me call them and maybe I’ll get her to apologise to you.”
  • “Daddy, are you referring to the perfume tycoon, Yan Family?”
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