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Chapter 282 Hated

  • When the workshop was unable to pay up the workers’ salary, Dan Feng was anxious to see how dispirited his crews were.
  • In order to get something on Yan Wen, the man had thrown in almost all his savings. Ever since their last pay two months ago, he had even applied for mortgage loan and the man was already at the end of his wits.
  • “Brother Dan, I have only enough until the end of this month. If you still can’t pay, then I would really need to go.”
  • “Chief, we’re not trying to force you. But we all need to put food on the table.”
  • Dan Feng knew that the men had suffered a lot working side by side with him and he promised them, “Give me a little bit more time. Everything will change soon!”
  • Since the man said so, the crews had no other choice but to wait.
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