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Chapter 281 Love will keep you warm

  • On her way to the diet class, Xia recalled that Qing Yu needed to work overtime. Therefore she took a detour to get a bento meal for him. Once she made a turn, she was bumped by a reversing car.
  • The airbags were shot out upon the impact and Xia passed out from the impact as well.
  • The moment she opened her eyes, she was already in the hospital bed.
  • “The patient was malnutritioned and her body is weak. That’s why she had been out for so long. Make sure she has proper food intake and she don’t lack any macronutrients.”
  • When Qing Yu heard the doctor, his eyebrows furrowed, “Thanks doctor.”
  • Xia was already awake but the moment she heard the doctor, she pulled her blanket high and covered her face. She was embarrassed to face Qing Yu.
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