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Chapter 280 Late night post

  • The mansion was dimly lit. Yan Wen entered the bathroom with Jiang Sui-an to help him shower. Since the man’s arm was injured, he needed to be careful not to get wet.
  • “Painful?” Yan Wen sighed as she looked at his arm, “Next time don’t involve yourself in danger like this, it breaks my heart.”
  • Jiang Sui-an turned around and hugged her, “I promise you. I won’t get hurt anymore.”
  • The both of them were disheartened. Acquiring Rising Dragon didn’t make them happy but it felt like a burdening load on their shoulder.
  • “Sui-an, you are the most outstanding man I’ve ever known… But I hope you can also depend on me at times when you’re tired.”
  • “All of a sudden I feel that Death is just right by the doorstep. And by the time we realise it, it’s always too late… if I hadn’t met you, maybe I would’ve left this world just like Ling Zhan, all alone.”
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