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Chapter 277 Official Announcement

  • This amount was shockingly great. All the more when Jiang Sui-an wasn’t even a celebrity and he didn’t have a team to promote his popularity.
  • Most of them were Yan Wen’s fans and some were the ‘couple supporter’ fans. But they all shared one thing in common, the curiosity as why would the ever so ‘cool’ Jiang Sui-an signed up a social media account.
  • As the public was refreshing his page over and over, his status finally updated!
  • He posted a picture during the Da Hua’s annual dinner, when he carried Yan Wen back under the starry sky. He walked down from the stairs and Yan Wen wrapped his arms around his shoulder. He looked down and stared into Yan Wen’s eyes with love.
  • The picture was entitled, Us.
  • Was that considered an official announcement?
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