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Chapter 275 Game over

  • The man’s friends were stunned. They had never expected Ling Ye to pull out something like that. And now they looked forward to see how would Jiang Sui-an react to this concrete evidence.
  • In order to improve the persuasiveness of the picture, Ling Ye had already hired internet commentators to post links for this picture. However he had yet to give the instructions to publicise it and he was waiting for the right time.
  • Ling Ye planned to go to the press conference and see how would Jiang Sui-an explain his way through this.
  • The moment he stepped out the hotel, he was subdued by the Ling’s family and brought before Ling Zhan.
  • Ling Zhan was boiling in rage when he saw his foolish son.
  • “Fool! Don’t you realise the difference between you and Jiang Sui-an? How could you challenge that man?!”
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