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Chapter 273 Freedom of speech

  • “She moved in with me and I’ll take good care of her.” Rick answered as if he was giving his vow.
  • Yan Wen was truly happy for Shangguan Li when she heard the news. And now she should just leave the two to settle their own things. A third wheel should be conscious and not butt into their relationship.
  • “Then I shouldn’t bother the two of you now.”
  • Shangguan Li was nervous when Rick ended the call, “What did she say?”
  • “She said not to bother us for now.” After that the man tidied the luggage and locked it, “Check if you missed anything?”
  • Shangguan Li shook her head and stared silently at Rick. After a long pause, she breathed, “The only thing I missed is you.”
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