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Chapter 264 Get the game playing

  • Rick followed Jiang Sui-an’s instructions and followed on the lead on Yongxin studio’s worker’s whereabouts. With the possibility of them following Yan Wen overseas, Rick immediately pulled some strings to check the airplane company records, if there’s anyone named Dan Feng leaving the borders these two days.
  • And he got something!
  • The moment Yan Wen and Jiang Sui-an’s flight departed, Dan Feng followed closely behind.
  • More than that, he also noticed something extra. In the same flight, there were two other familiar faces. Rick had a hunch that the case would escalate further and he immediately called Jiang Sui-an.
  • “Dan Feng went after you two with Hua Jing. And the person that booked the business class was Ling Ye!”
  • When Yan Wen got up and saw Jiang Sui-an having a conference call with Rick them, she knew that he had not rested since the flight. Therefore she made a call to order for breakfast.
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