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Chapter 260 Challenging Da Hua?

  • When Shangguan Li was slandered, there were numerous others around. But due to the strong background of the investor behind this show nobody dared to speak up for her.
  • When the news travelled to Da Hua, Rick handled it immediately and then reported to Jiang Sui-an.
  • “I have a strong feeling that it is related to Rising Dragon. Or to be more concise, related to Ling Ye.” Rick put down his report on his desk, “The investor for that work was the founder of Fich’s Group and ever since the company started to invest in movies, they had been collaborating with Ling Ye.”
  • Rick spoke him mind and the man was worried. Not only for the company but also for Shangguan Li. The man roused Jiang Sui-an’s consideration. He picked up his phone and called Ling Ye’s father, Ling Zhan.
  • Shortly after, the call was answered. Ling Zhang seemed to be in a cheery mood as he spoke, “Hi Mr. Jiang, what’s up?”
  • “Ling Ye is provoking a war. I hope he can bear the consequences.” Jiang Sui-an spoke coldly as he stood by the window, “I’ve already given him a chance.”
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