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Chapter 250 Mr. Jiang the perfect man

  • Hua Jing felt that she was treated like a thief. She was offended and she barged into Rick’s office.
  • “What do you mean by doing this? I am still an employee in Da Hua, how could you get someone to watch over me like this?!”
  • “I am merely trying to protect our best interest. After all, we must be careful towards those that have a history of theft.”
  • “You better don’t push it!”
  • “You should be aware of what happened in Zeng Jianing’s apartment right?” Rick made himself clear as he was annoyed by Hua Jing’s presence.
  • Hua Jing was stunned. She didn’t think that Rick would suspect her for that but she didn’t want to admit it. Therefore she fumed, “I don’t know what nonsense are you spewing! If you are referring to the case Da Hua got Zeng Jianing beaten up, then we could really use a good talk. Because I too, was beaten up!”
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