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Chapter 246 Special surprise

  • Zeng Jianing dashed into her own car and burst into tears. She dug her head in between her arms and sobbed in anguish. How could she lose to Yan Wen?
  • Hua Qing sat quietly on the driver’s seat. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel an ounce of anger but a little gleeful instead. She was happy that Yan Wen gave Zeng Jianing a bad time.
  • “I want to kill her! I won’t just let this slide!”
  • Zeng Jianing shrieked in frenzy.
  • Hua Jing silently started the car. The manager doubted that Zeng Jianing had a chance for revenge. With what happened earlier, Jiang Sui-an simply made a call and the entire Da Hua mobilised. Zeng Jianing was no longer one of their prized members.
  • Today mark the first day the actress was sabotaged.
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