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Chapter 242 Her unique charm

  • “So that was it… However, it is truly a rare sight to see Mr. Jiang getting governed. It’s surprising!” And the crowd raised their glass to cheer Yan Wen.
  • “If it weren’t for you young lady, I guess we might miss the chance to meet Mr. Jiang.”
  • Yan Wen raised her own glass courteously. The few men were big names in the industry and they even talked to her so affably!
  • She had always aspired to be great actors like thm, and now she had a golden chance to make close contact with them.
  • One of a glassed man noticed that both Yan Wen and Jiang Sui-an were wearing a unique ring. Although they had long suspected their relationship, but to openly see for themselves the couple wearing identifiable indications, they were still surprised.
  • Yan Wen noticed his gaze but she did not hide her hand and calmly accepted their gazes. The man noticed her expression and he averted his eyes, “Should young lady needs any help in the future, feel free to look for the lot of us! Sometimes we might be able to speak up for you.”
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