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Chapter 226 The First Time She Mentioned Family

  • Jiang Sui-an had to consider Yan Wen's health, but this talk show did not require any strenuous activities. Yan Wen should be able to handle sitting and talking for an hour.
  • In order to prepare for the interview, Yan Wen worked on rehabilitation exercises at home.
  • "Breaking news from our reporter: Two days after incriminating photographs of previously-famous movie star Zhang Yiling and a director were leaked, she attempted suicide in her condo. She was found in time and is now out of danger."
  • "What can be confirmed is that she did have multiple secret encounters with various directors."
  • "She is currently recovering in hospital. We will bring you the latest developments."
  • Stopping to take a drink of water, Xia was happy on seeing this news. "That's right. Karma was going to catch up to her arrogance. Even if she's been saved now, she won't be able to face anyone in the future."
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