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Chapter 219 He got a picture

  • “What happened to Yan Wen just now was your handiwork right?”
  • “Now you’ve learnt about Yan Wen’s manager. And judging from his usual style, what do you think will happen to you? Da Hua rose to this height today not from just talks!”
  • “If the man wanted to make you disappear from the showbiz, it would be as easy as lifting a finger…”
  • Zhang Yi Ling’e eyes were wide open and her face was pale.
  • Actually Yan Wen was feeling complicated as well. A mixture of shock and pleasant surprise. Although she had guessed the possibility of this happening, but when it actually happened, she was still caught off guard. What more, Jiang Sui-an announced the news under such circumstance!
  • “Look at her face, it is more interesting than a kaleidoscope!” Shangguan Li elbowed Yan Wen and giggled.
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