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Chapter 216 Never forgiving

  • Liu Yiwei had investigated about Shangguan Li’s entrance time and he had been pretending to be a fan to wait for her.
  • “Lili, I have made a mistake…forgive me… I’m an animal! I’m a scum!”
  • Shangguan Li lowered her head slowly and enunciated calmly, “Get up.”
  • “You forgave me?!”
  • “No. You don’t deserve it. Please don’t appear before me anymore. I, Shangguan Li is a woman you can’t hope to love.” Shangguan Li jeered, “And the only reason I am reluctant to think back about my past was you. Please disappear from my sight.”
  • “If you’ve loved Guan Ying so much, you should be loyal to her. I do not wish to have any entanglement with you. My life is too precious and I do not wish to waste my time on you.”
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