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Chapter 191 No place to hide

  • “I wonder what happens when the innocent actress was exposed. Will she still present her usual smile!”
  • “Regrettably you would never get the chance to see that.” Yan Wen looked the scenery outside and she spoke coldly, “You must think that this is as far as I can go, and I have some unspeakable secrets…”
  • “Isn’t that true? We didn’t take legal actions against you and that is our grace towards you!” Cheng Yun had no intention to back down even in the last moments.
  • Yan Wen massaged her temple and her smile widened and curled upwards, “Then I must thank you.”
  • “Just you wait for it. We will announce it this afternoon.”
  • Cheng Yun did not shy away from giving a final step on Yan Wen at this dire time.
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