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Chapter 19 Saying Goodbye to the Past

  • Bai Zhexuan waited impatiently, calling the number again and again. Nobody answered and yet he did not dare to leave. After an hour, a waiter followed Yan Wen's instructions and passed a note to Bai Zhexuan. Of course, it did not contain her new address. Instead, it read: Withdraw Jiang Lingyun from the best actress nomination within the next three days. In exchange I will give you Yan Wen's new address.
  • Bai Zhexuan swore, looked around and left.
  • Without looking at his face, you could tell he was raging mad.
  • However, Yan Wen's feelings did not change. To her, he was not worth her thoughts.
  • "Let's go home, I have other plans."
  • "What plans?" She looked at him in askance.
  • Jiang Sui-an did not reply, exuding a cold aura. But Yan Wen stared at him steely as if she could decipher him.
  • "The way you're looking at me, is that an invitation…"
  • "Actually, I want to go to one more place." Yan Wen calmed herself and reached out for Jiang Sui-an's arm, avoiding his heated gaze.
  • "After that, can we go home and finish what was left undone last time?"
  • Jiang Sui-an purposely teased her, making her speechless with nervousness.
  • They did not return home. Instead, they headed to the seaside church that Yan Wen wanted to go to.
  • Yan Wen did not wish to hide anything from Jiang Sui-an. He had given her time to deal with her past and she understood what that meant to him. If she was unable to put aside what she had with Bai Zhexuan, she had no right to be with Jiang Sui-an.
  • The car stopped outside the church, and Yan Wen and Jiang Sui-an entered together.
  • "I would like to collect the photos I left here," Yan Wen said to the priest.
  • Jiang Sui-an watched her expression and did not speak. When she got that thick album, he asked, "For this?"
  • "Yes, this is the last connection that's haunting me." Yan Wen thought about all the details during her time with Bai Zhexuan, from when she had first naively believed that he loved her, to when she found out that it was all a lie. She was committed to making him pay for everything.
  • Jiang Sui-an watched as she threw the album into the fire. The flames danced in front of their eyes, as the last shred of fondness for Bai Zhexuan was burned out of her heart.
  • "From today on, I'll only live for myself and be the best me for you." Yan Wen lifted her head and laughed warmly at how straightforward it was.
  • "And you're free of the hatred?" He dropped a light kiss on her forehead.
  • Yan Wen slid her hand into his warm hand. She told herself that she would never be used again. She would make them pay twice over!
  • Jiang Sui-an observed her silently. It was awhile before he spoke. "Now, will Mrs. Jiang go home with me?"
  • Yan Wen nodded shyly and hooked her arms around his neck, letting him carry her to the car.
  • "Of course."
  • ……
  • Bai Zhexuan looked for Yan Wen everywhere, but she had switched off her phone and he could not reach her. He had even engaged a private investigator to find her new address.
  • The recent events left him confused. The Yan Wen he knew would never do such a thing to him.
  • However, he could not give up on her and her powerful family no matter what.
  • "Zhexuan, why didn't you come to look for me?" Jiang Lingyun burst into his office followed by her assistant.
  • On seeing Jiang Lingyun, a smile formed on Bai Zhexuan's face, as he motioned both assistant and secretary out. He stepped forward and grabbed held her by the waist. "I didn't want to disturb you. I wanted you to rest well in hospital."
  • "Really? I heard you were looking everywhere for Yan Wen!" Jiang Lingyun pouted, tugging his shirt sadly. "I went through all this for you. Don't tell me you're still thinking of her? I don't care about celebrity. I just hope you don't give up on our child. Otherwise I'd rather give up on it first."
  • "Stop that nonsense!" Bai Zhexuan was frantic at the mention of the child. "I must find her precisely for you and the baby. I'll make sure you receive the best actress award before you give birth!"
  • "Zhexuan… I hope you keep your promise." Jiang Lingyun sealed it with a kiss.