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Chapter 186 Can money buy a life?

  • “Can you be responsible for what you said? You are Ole’s manager and Ole is trying to sabotage Yan Wen. Are you not involved in those attempts? Lin Jia wasn’t aware of such news in the showbiz. But that doesn’t mean I’m the same. Now the top search in the hot topic is still the voice recordings of Cheng Yun trying to frame Yan Wen!”
  • Wei Lang was rendered speechless.
  • He felt embarrassed with Bai Xiaoxiao’s simple rebuke. Never did he think he would see her there!
  • “Moreover, I have known Yan Wen for many years. I know what she’s like so don’t bother slandering her here. I know you’ve never even told her about this.” Bai Xiaoxiao turned over. The little girl’s body was too weak to handle such strong emotions after being bedridden for so long.
  • She held in her discomfort to refute Wei Lang. All because she didn’t want anyone to slander the person she liked and believed in.
  • “Just leave. And please help to relay my message to your president. I will not be deceived to be her weapon against Yan Wen. And please stay away from my friend Lin Jia. She is too innocent, unlike vile creatures like you guys.”
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