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Chapter 182 The Storm Strikes

  • Qin Yu gaped at the scene. He had not expected that their president would one day be henpecked, and happily so.
  • But this was good. On this Earth, the only woman who could order Jiang Sui-an around was Yan Wen.
  • After the half day delay, they had missed their flight, so Jiang Sui-an let Qin Yu arrange a private plane and accompanied Yan Wen to Paris himself.
  • Xia and Qin Yu sat in the back of the cabin, watching videos and looking through documents respectively, while Jiang Sui-an and Yan Wen leaned against each other in the front. It was especially quiet…
  • Yan Wen grasped Jiang Sui-an's hand domineeringly, forcing him to rest.
  • ……
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