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Chapter 179 Completely Ruptured

  • Who would have thought that Jiao JingHang would put up a great final battle and expose everything!
  • Cheng Yun's shaking hands pointed at Jiao JingHang. She was no longer able to suppress her rage. "Are you crazy! Do you think you can still stay in the entertainment industry!"
  • "Huh, I don't care."
  • Jiao JingHang's smile was incredibly mocking. "When you conspired against Zhuo Yu and let her die, and framed Yan Wen and let her be questioned, I came to realize the truth. Cheng Yun, this is karma coming back to get you!"
  • "This is not the entertainment industry that makes me nostalgic."
  • Cheng Yun glared at Jiao JingHang, her tears flowing freely…
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