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Chapter 177 Life Is Full of Choices

  • "This question is better asked to your own heart." Yan Wen appeared behind him in a black trenchcoat. Carrying a black umbrella, she walked towards him and Zhuo Yu's grave.
  • "How did you—" Jiao JingHang could not believe his eyes. Why was she back; she was supposed to be in Paris!
  • "How did I delay my Paris schedule and come back, and how did I know you would be here?" Yan Wen smiled mildly. She turned to the gravestone and placed a bouquet of flowers before it; her respect for Zhuo Yu, who had passed on many years ago.
  • Jiao JingHang sighed. "Do you know about the Olé press conference?"
  • "Mhmm." Yan Wen faced Zhuo Yu's grave and said gently, "In this industry, how many people can stay firm to themselves? To not be caught up by fame and not be used by others… It is difficult when making choices."
  • Jiao JingHang suppressed the fury in his eyes. "Yan Wen, have you been threatened before?"
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