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Chapter 174 News

  • “Of course, I heard that the opposite party paid a fortune. Aren’t you familiar with Hunter? How would he let go of such an opportunity!”
  • Xia gasped in shock, “What should we do?!”
  • Jiao JingHang hurriedly dragged her away. In this current situation, they must do an immediate counter measure!
  • Otherwise Yan Wen would be the laughing stock in the entire fashion world. So first, Jiao JingHang was posted away from Yan Wen, and now embarrassing her in front of the whole world…
  • This nasty idea must be the handiwork of Wei Lang!
  • “I’ll go get president Jiang, you go and tell Yan Wen now. Make sure she stays vigilant against Hunter! If she really couldn’t help it, then probably we should just withdraw this time.”
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