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Chapter 169 Mutual affection

  • When they reached the airport, Xia realised she had forgotten her passport!
  • Yan Wen pondered for a moment and said, “There isn’t enough time for you to go back and take it. Let’s give Qing Yu a call and see if he has time to help deliver it.”
  • Xia had always kept a spare key under her door carpet. Now they just see if Qing Yu was willing to offer help.
  • Jiao JingHang also agreed, “True, now we can only depend on him.”
  • Xia mustered her courage to give him a call, asking if he could find time to help.
  • During that time, Qing Yu was completely swamped with work and he still needed to run some errands. But the moment he heard Xia’s request, he agreed without a second thought.
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