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Chapter 166 To do or not to do

  • “I don’t think there are many presidents that would care about their employees so much. And I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to my president, madam Cheng.”
  • Yan Wen was cool like a cucumber. She maintained a natural, faint smile on her face and her words were convincing.
  • However those that knew what happened would understand her underlying meaning.
  • Should Cheng Yun not release the hostage, she would announce the truth. And at that time it wouldn’t be just a simple feud…
  • Her answer was impeccable. Not only did she answered Yun Lu’s problem, but she made it that no one could guess her real thought. There wasn’t many who could have her composure in the showbiz.
  • Yan Wen was indeed a remarkable woman.
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