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Chapter 16 Stop Dreaming

  • Because of the uproar, Jiang Lingyun had not dared to leave the hospital. She had only gotten herself injured to delay Bai Zhexuan and Yan Wen’s wedding.
  • Yan Wen felt that it was no wonder Jiang Lingyun had been unable to get popular all these years, since she put all her efforts into men.
  • In the hospital room, Jiang Lingyun listened to the assistant's report gleefully. "I'll make Yan Wen regret her decision to come here. And make her never bring up marrying Zhexuan ever again."
  • "Lingyun, the reporters are ready. You just need to shout and I'll bring them in!"
  • "Don't worry, I'll plan a dramatic scene. I'll show Yan Wen who Bai Zhexuan really loves."
  • She clenched her fists. She had been biding her time in Grand Entertainment, waiting for the day she could push Yan Wen off her high horse. She was going to be the only stunning woman beside Bai Zhexuan!
  • "Oh, yes, we're already preparing for you to be Best Actress. We'll make sure you get that award whatever it costs."
  • Jiang Lingyun froze in shock. "Shhh, don't let anyone hear you."
  • "There are no outsiders here!" The assistant laughed. "She's almost here, lie down!"
  • Jiang Lingyun quickly lay down, and put on an ill face. The next moment, Bai Zhexuan entered with Yan Wen in tow.
  • "Lingyun, Yan Wen's here to talk about the acting… Are you okay?" Bai Zhexuan said, and seeing Jiang Lingyun weakly struggle to sit up, he rushed to her side to help her.
  • "Zhexuan, I'm sorry I'm useless. I've bothered you too many times with my small injury and even got Yan Wen into trouble." Jiang Lingyun looked up from Bai Zhexuan's arms. "Yan Wen, you won't blame me?"
  • Yan Wen looked coldly at the pair's unscrupulous actions in front of her. Bai Zhexuan laughed awkwardly, realizing that he might have been inappropriate. "Yan Wen doesn't think like that. You didn't mean to get hurt."
  • "Zhexuan, Lingyun doesn't look well. You should buy her some fruits." Yan Wen put her bag down and spoke calmly.
  • This was her last concession.
  • "How dare you tell him what to do!" Jiang Lingyun's assistant's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. "I'll go for Mr. Bai."
  • Yan Wen cocked an eyebrow at him, flaring up immediately. "Do you have any right to speak? Who told you I can't? I'm his fianceé. Who are you?"
  • Jiang Lingyun's assistant still wanted to argue, only to be stopped by his boss. "Don't. Zhexuan will do us this favor, right?”."
  • Yan Wen glared at the assistant, and watched him and Bai Zhexuan exit the room one after the other.
  • Jiang Lingyun clenched her teeth. Yan Wen's words were solely for her benefit. Even though Bai Zhexuan was caring towards her, his actual fianceé was Yan Wen.
  • With that thought in her mind, Jiang Lingyun's face was filled with vicious jealousy.
  • "What did you wish me to teach you about acting?" Yan Wen took out the script, acting like nothing had happened.
  • "Actually, I wanted to ask you to leave Grand." Jiang Lingyun cleared her throat. "I understand that you've affected the company's reputation. You should leave of your accord for Zhexuan's sake."
  • "Should?" Yan Wen was barely able to control her rage. "Jiang Lingyun, watch your words!"
  • She had toiled for Bai Zhexuan for so many years. Even leaving out the feelings, with simply the glory that she had brought to Grand Entertainment, Bai Zhexuan's parents did not dare say such words to her.
  • Who was Jiang Lingyun to say such things? What right did she have?
  • "Yan Wen, I'm doing this for your own good. I've already prepared everything. Once you leave the company, you can announce…"
  • Bump.
  • Yan Wen watched with her own eyes as Jiang Lingyun knocked over the vase beside her bed.
  • The shattering sound resounded in the room, while from outside came the sound of hurrying feet, and in the room Jiang Lingyun screamed...