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Chapter 16 Stop Dreaming

  • Because of the uproar, Jiang Lingyun had not dared to leave the hospital. She had only gotten herself injured to delay Bai Zhexuan and Yan Wen’s wedding.
  • Yan Wen felt that it was no wonder Jiang Lingyun had been unable to get popular all these years, since she put all her efforts into men.
  • In the hospital room, Jiang Lingyun listened to the assistant's report gleefully. "I'll make Yan Wen regret her decision to come here. And make her never bring up marrying Zhexuan ever again."
  • "Lingyun, the reporters are ready. You just need to shout and I'll bring them in!"
  • "Don't worry, I'll plan a dramatic scene. I'll show Yan Wen who Bai Zhexuan really loves."
  • She clenched her fists. She had been biding her time in Grand Entertainment, waiting for the day she could push Yan Wen off her high horse. She was going to be the only stunning woman beside Bai Zhexuan!
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