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Chapter 157 Deep Dark Water

  • Now the netizens admitted and acknowledged the director’s decision was a wise move.
  • The famous young star couldn’t even match this enigmatic man’s back view… Now no matter how Ou Chen tried to be piteous, it wouldn’t work anymore.
  • In just one day, this mysterious man had ranked to the top search multiple times.
  • The world went crazy with his identity. Everyone wanted to know who he was, and most importantly, how would he look like when he turn around!
  • However no matter how they tried, this man’s identity remained an enigma. They had even dug out every possible male artist in the showbiz and made comparisons. But they just couldn’t find a similar one. And most importantly, they couldn’t find someone with such overwhelming charisma.
  • The reporters had no idea as well and they could only rest their hope on Yan Wen. They blocked her company day and night and wanted to find out the man’s identity from Yan Wen.
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