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Chapter 151 A Stranger all too familiar

  • In comparison to countless other female celebrities, Yan Wen truly had a different worldview.
  • “I understand. I will never say things like that to you anymore.”
  • “Sui-an is the president of Da Hua. He made himself the crowned king in the showbiz and that is his legacy. However he still has his enemies and God knows how many eyeing for his position, waiting for him to show weakness. I do not wish to be that weakness. If I’m his wife, then I should protect him.”
  • “JingHang, you are my manager and I trust you. I believe we can handle this by ourselves without much hurdle too. My only concern is Ole, being the company that have my ownership, what would they do?”
  • “Don’t worry, I understand your concern and I will communicate with the HR now and give you a reply ASAP.” After that Jiao JingHang signalled Xia to get back with Yan Wen first.
  • If there was a war to fight, at least they must be well rested and energised.
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