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Chapter 15 Visiting Hours

  • "How can the company sign a washed-up actress like you? Pack up and leave before you starts to affect our future."
  • Yan Wen looked at their youth and beauty, but that did not mean they would be popular… While she was unable to control the public opinion, at least she could stop herself from being bullied by some ignorant young girls.
  • "If you want to be popular, you need to learn how to be a good person." She made a call to Bai Zhexuan's office. "There are some rookies discussing the incident in the office. I don't think this will be good for the company. If they mention any of this in a live broadcast, all your efforts would go to waste."
  • "I'll be there immediately!" Came Bai Zhexuan's reply through the phone.
  • Five minutes later, Bai Zhexuan hurried over with his secretary and temporarily banned the three rookies from all activities on-the-spot.
  • The three rookies kept apologizing to her, their faces white with fear. "Miss Yan, sorry. We are deeply sorry!"
  • Yan Wen ignored them and spoke as if to the air. "Looks like anyone can just step on me. Maybe I should officially retire and go back to the family business. At least no one will look down on me."
  • She had never liked confrontation, but she was not going to stand by and let herself be bullied.
  • "Yan Wen, calm down. I was just looking for you." Bai Zhexuan became serious and pulled her aside. "Even though Director Chen agreed to let Lingyun play Zhen-er, her acting does need improvement. Could you teach her? If she puts in a good word to Director Chen, maybe you might get a role too."
  • If Yan Wen had not firmly pushed down her rage, she would have yelled at him.
  • Bai Zhexuan really treated her like a pushover. This must have been suggested by Jiang Lingyun as another opportunity to make her look bad. But... he had even dared to say it out loud!
  • "If Lingyun puts up a good performance, it's good for the company and for me. Could you do it for me? Teaching her would look good. You're both from this company. If you don't get along it doesn't give a good impression."
  • Bai Zhexuan was only bringing up Jiang Lingyun's suggestion, but Yan Wen actually agreed.
  • "Okay, bring me there." Yan Wen agreed without hesitation.
  • "Great, you're the most caring person."
  • Caring?
  • Yan Wen could not help but scoff, following Bai Zhexuan to the car. Her care was only for people who deserved it. People like him and Jiang Lingyun would never measure up.
  • At this point, it was too soon to tell who would win or lose. Who told her that getting a minor supporting role could make her a star?
  • Bai Zhexuan spent the journey using his phone, most likely messaging Jiang Lingyun. Yan Wen looked out the window, just as they passed Jiang Sui-an's company.
  • "Zhexuan, between Grand Entertainment and Dahua Entertainment, which is more powerful?"
  • "Well… Dahua is currently the most powerful entertainment company." Bai Zhexuan answered her honestly.
  • Bai Zhexuan's assistant sitting up front said, "We'll surpass Dahua next year. Once Lingyun gets the nod for best actress, everything will fall into place."
  • Yan Wen ignored them. Did he think he was better than everyone else? A few lifetimes would not be enough, even with two of them.
  • Yan Wen suddenly missed that handsome face and his gentle kiss...
  • Whenever she thought of him, Yan Wen's eyes were full of joy. But Bai Zhexuan was busy humoring Jiang Lingyun and never noticed.
  • When the car reached the next exit, Yan Wen bent to read an unread message.
  • "It's all done. The photos can be released anytime."
  • With Xia at the helm, there was no need to worry.
  • Yan Wen did not reply her, alighting from the car as if nothing had happened, and walked towards Jiang Lingyun's hospital room.