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Chapter 147 Best Male Lead

  • Director Chen’s eyebrow furrowed deeply. They were left with no other options.
  • “Alright then, you give it a try.”
  • He had a hunch that Ou Chen was completely fine and he was just messing with them.
  • The assistant hurriedly contacted Ou Chen’s manager, but he got the same answer. Now the excuse he got was even more outrageous, he said that Ou Chen hard hurt his back during his action shoot few days back.
  • If he’d really encountered such a problem, why couldn’t he just notify the advertiser earlier? They were just lying blatantly.
  • Under director’s assistant’s probing, Ou Chen’s manager finally told him, “Actually Ou Chen had planned to come despite his injuries. However the day before yesterday, he invited Yan Wen for dinner and she rejected him. We feel that she had humiliated Ou Chen, so…”
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