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Chapter 140 Provocation

  • The assistant director sat arrogantly and watched, dressed in thick cotton and a cup of hot tea in front of him. He wanted to see how long Yan Wen could stand it!
  • The rest of the production crew were dressed warmly too, and they all had faint smiles on their faces, as if watching a show.
  • During production, if the director wanted to trick an actor, there was no way out of it. Yan Wen was in trouble……
  • Xia looked at the supporting camera. "Why isn't anyone there? How many times do you want to film the same scene?"
  • The assistant director shouted impatiently. "You're just an assistant, shut up! In this production, you listen to me! Get ready to start!"
  • Xia was worried for Yan Wen and wanted to say more, but Yan Wen stopped her.
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