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Chapter 14 Gone Too Far

  • Bai Zhexuan was ready for this. By not arranging for a public press conference, he could retain control of the situation.
  • "None of the above. This was a misunderstanding. I hadn't realized that my thoughtless action would bring so much trouble to Grand Entertainment. I have never wanted to replace Jiang Lingyun in this show."
  • Yan Wen's calm voice filtered through the microphone, filling the room.
  • "For my actions, I apologize to Director Chen. I would like the public to believe too that the audition process is clear and fair. No one paid for their role. I took advantage of the news on the Internet. It had nothing to do with anyone else."
  • "Do you mean to say that you take on all responsibility of this? That it had nothing to do with Grand Entertainment?"
  • "Yes." Yan Wen stood up and swept her damp eyes across the room. "Whatever my reasons are, I accept the consequences."
  • The reporters glanced at each other. It did not look like Yan Wen was under duress, but which artiste would bear the consequences themselves? There was no way to back out of this.
  • Yan Wen took a deep breath. She thought if she did this, Bai Zhexuan and the others would back off, but...
  • President Fung immediately said, "That's great. Honesty is the best policy. We have always placed great emphasis on ability in the film industry. How could we flout the rules and make shady deals!"
  • In order to push all the blame on Yan Wen, they were already well-rehearsed.
  • "Yan Wen, I hope you have learnt a lesson from this and won't do it again." Bai Zhexuan patted her shoulder as he said it.
  • One sentence from Bai Zhexuan had cleared Grand Entertainment and Jiang Lingyun.
  • How cold-blooded!
  • Yan Wen did not say anything further, hurriedly bowing to Director Chen. As she left the room, she inexplicably smiled. The battle had only just begun.
  • As the reporters were all invited by Bai Zhexuan, Yan Wen's speech was published word-for-word online.
  • The news spread like wildfire. The magazine headlines all described how she had disguised herself due to jealousy of Jiang Lingyun and spread unsavory rumors.
  • Bai Zhexuan even paid for Internet trolls to fuel the flames.
  • President Fung seized the opportunity to force the production team to confirm Jiang Lingyun as Zhen-er. Director Chen had no choice but to agree.
  • Dahua had also received the news. After Qin Yu brought the report to Jiang Sui-an's office, he asked, "Should we help Madam clear these hindrances?"
  • "Wait and see what she does first," was the reply. If Jiang Sui-an decided to step in, they would disappear like foam.
  • But he wanted to see how Yan Wen would retaliate.
  • His woman should not be felled by this.
  • Yan Wen had taken on the full blame, saving Grand, allowing Director Chen to start filming on schedule, and even resulting in Jiang Lingyun looking like a victim and increasing her popularity.
  • But Yan Wen was constantly attacked online. They were using labels like "fake", "washed-up" and "calculating" to describe her.
  • Yan Wen sat in the Grand Entertainment lounge and set down her phone. She sighed and added the day's events to the list of things she would make Bai Zhexuan and Jiang Lingyun pay for twice over.
  • Looking up, she noticed a few rookies that Grand Entertainment had just signed, pointing and gossiping about her.
  • "Yes?" Yan Wen's face grew cold.
  • "I said you're disgusting. Using such tactics to get popular. How shameful!"