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Chapter 136 New Chapter

  • "Stop crying."
  • Wei Lang turned away and passed her a tissue.
  • "I admit they are capable and I can't win them. I'll leave, I can't stay here anymore." Zhang Erhuai had already thought things through.
  • "You don't actually need to… You still have some connections in the industry. Even though you might come up against a few walls at the start, some smaller companies could definitely use you. Cheng Yun might be angry, but she wouldn't go to such extremes."
  • Zhang Erhuai looked down. "It's not Cheng Yun. It's Yan Wen and whoever is behind Yan Wen."
  • She took a deep breath and tugged at Wei Lang. "You need to get a firm foothold and squeeze Jiao JingHang and Yan Wen out of Olé. Otherwise Cheng Yun's next step will be against you."
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