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Chapter 13 Press Conference

  • Yan Wen smiled mysteriously. "We'll talk about it later. Right now I need proof of Jiang Lingyun and Bai Zhexuan's affair. Like evidence of her pregnancy or photos of them on dates."
  • "I'll check with the paparazzi. They might have something. Take care of yourself."
  • Xia pulled on the cap again, exiting the lift one floor early and leaving by the emergency staircase.
  • Yan Wen took a deep breath. The elevator doors opened to reveal a hotel butler.
  • "Miss Yan, Mr. Bai prepared this for you." The butler pushed open the doors, revealing a matcha cake on the dining table and balloons around the room…
  • Bai Zhexuan stepped in front of her. "Do you like it?"
  • Yan Wen awkwardly twitched out a smile. "Uh… yes."
  • Bai Zhexuan waved his hand and the butler served up lunch. "Two romantic set meals. Enjoy."
  • Yan Wen slowly put her bag down. She had not expected Bai Zhexuan to prepare all these. He must be afraid that she would speak out of turn to the investor and production team, and specially prepared this to spoil her. Was she so easily spoiled? Bai Zhexuan really took her as a fool.
  • "Yan Wen, try this…"
  • Yan Wen tried the side dish. It seemed like Bai Zhexuan still remembered what she liked to eat. But it was to no avail.
  • Noticing her indifferent reaction, Bai Zhexuan quickly enthused. "I'll do better next time!"
  • "It's okay, I understand. You've been so busy." Internally Yan Wen knew that his heart was with Jiang Lingyun and she did not want his false concern.
  • It was not long before Bai Zhexuan needed to take a phone call.
  • An exquisite letter appeared before her. Yan Wen looked up at the butler.
  • "For me?"
  • She pulled out two tickets to a classical concert. It was her favorite orchestra! There was a note included, written in a bold handwriting.
  • "The side dish is from me. Here's wishing us a happy marriage. I'll see you at the concert."
  • Besides Jiang Sui-an, no one else would do such a thing.
  • Yan Wen smiled warmly, feeling his protective concern. He was like her ever-present guardian angel.
  • Yan Wen carefully put the letter in her bag. This was the second present he had given her.
  • "Everything's ready. We can head over now." Bai Zhexuan came back phone in hand. Looking at Yan Wen, he was surprised by her expression. "Why are you so happy?"
  • Yan Wen looked up and gave him a small smile. "I'm happy that you could have time for me."
  • But her smile never reached her eyes.
  • "Well… let's go. The PR team are waiting for us."
  • "PR team?" Yan Wen gave him a curious look. It seemed like Bai Zhexuan was well prepared.
  • "Yes, we will figure out what to do with the investor. We can't afford any mistakes," Bai Zhexuan said firmly.
  • Yan Wen had no choice but to stand up reluctantly. "Fine, it's a pity about the food."
  • "We can do this another time." Bai Zhexuan was already halfway out the door. "The most important thing now is to clear the air about this. Lingyun has a chance to become the Golden Dagger Best Actress. We can't miss out on that."
  • "I understand."
  • Of course it was all for Jiang Lingyun. Otherwise there was no way he would dine with her. There was no point in fooling herself.
  • Yan Wen kept her face blank. He had arranged this afternoon just to keep her happy. Anything good from Bai Zhexuan was poison to her.
  • That same afternoon, Yan Wen walked into the meeting room with Bai Zhexuan to face President Fung from the investing company, the production team, and a few specially invited influential reporters.
  • She sat next to Bai Zhexuan, her face not revealing anything besides a peaceful smile.
  • The reporters looked at the time, and without delay, turned their cameras on Yan Wen.
  • "Yan Wen, please explain why you were at the audition. Was it out of jealousy of Jiang Lingyun, or was this a planned comeback?"