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Chapter 12 Insincerity

  • "Zhexuan, I'm sorry but I didn't have any other options then." Yan Wen was so in-character that she burst into tears.
  • Bai Zhexuan frowned and kept up his questioning. "What about Xia? If you didn't tell her to, how would she dare bark at me?"
  • "Zhexuan, you still don't believe me? If so, I'll just leave you alone!"
  • Yan Wen bit her lower lip, looking like a victim, and turned away as if to leave the office.
  • But if she left, who would clear Jiang Lingyun's name and take the blame?
  • The moment Yan Wen looked like she was going to leave, Bai Zhexuan immediately moved to block her, with an earnest expression on his face.
  • "It's not that I don't believe you! I was too hasty! I need your help now. You'll help me right?"
  • "How can I help you?" Yan Wen hesitated, looked at him with tears.
  • "It's really simple." Bai Zhexuan tugged on her arm. "You just need to explain to the investor and the production team that you did this of your own accord. Then everything will be fine!"
  • "Really?" Yan Wen grimaced. She knew that once she stepped out, all attention would be focused on her and Jiang Lingyun's name would be clean as a whistle.
  • Afraid she would come to her senses, Bai Zhexuan stood in front of her and promised, "Yan Wen, this is for our future. If the company doesn't do well, I won't be able to face your family. Don't worry, once this is over, we'll get married!"
  • It was a hilarious scene. She had been so stupid to let his words mislead her in the past.
  • Yan Wen slowly nodded. "I agree, but this is the last time."
  • "Okay, I'll get them to arrange it. You wait here. Don't go anywhere." Bai Zhexuan urged before quickly leaving with his assistant.
  • In the wide office, Yan Wen elegantly pulled out a piece of tissue and wiped away her tears. The driver entered. "Miss Yan, Mr. Bai has requested that I bring you to the hotel to rest. Once he is done, he'll look for you."
  • "Oh?"
  • He must be busy telling Jiang Lingyun about the latest developments.
  • "It's okay, let him be. I can—"
  • Yan Wen was interrupted by the driver. "Xuan was clear that I must bring you to the hotel."
  • Yan Wen understood that Bai Zhexuan wanted someone to keep an eye on her. However, she had already planned for that. Regardless of whether Bai Zhexuan set an observer on her, she was not going to cooperate with them, much less take the blame for them!
  • "Okay, then I'll wait for him at the hotel."
  • Pushing her feelings down, Yan Wen clutched at her bag, put on an obedient face and followed the driver out of Grand Entertainment.
  • Behind their car, Jiang Sui-an's subordinate tailed them. He could let Yan Wen deal with things herself, but he was not going to compromise on her safety.
  • Yan Wen observed the driver checking the rear-view mirror several times before rolling down the window and looking behind.
  • She knew that license plate number. The corners of her mouth turned up slightly. She was reassured with the man she chose.
  • Yan Wen had walked into the hotel and entered the lift under the driver's watchful eye. Wearing a cap, Xia followed her into the lift. She laughed as she removed the cap. "Bai Zhexuan needs more people to watch you."
  • "Xia!" Yan Wen exclaimed, both moved and apologetic. "I'm so sorry for all the trouble."
  • "Don't be so dramatic. What's our next step? It looks like Bai Zhexuan won't let you move around freely." Xia analyzed.
  • "No problem. I've got you and… We'll definitely make them pay." Yan Wen suddenly thought of Jiang Sui-an and her mouth could not help but lift into a small smile.
  • Xia noticed her expression and tipped her head curiously. "That's a suspicious smile. Is there anyone else helping you?"