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Chapter 116 Reclamation of Endorsement

  • Yan Wen was not joking when she said she wanted to win back Snow’s approval. She assigned Xia to contact Snow and plead for an opportunity to apologize and a second chance.
  • However, the advertiser rejected all of their calls.
  • Seeing as nothing else could be done, Yan Wen decided to visit them personally. She went over to Snow’s office and waited there all by herself. The secretary was disinterested towards her and was even reluctant to serve.
  • Xia eventually lost her patience and she tried to persuade Yan Wen to go back. However Yan Wen stubbornly refused, “It didn’t matter who caused the problem. But since I am the one affected, I need to make sure I clear up the misunderstanding.”
  • Moved by her sincerity, the Asia’s regional vice president of Snow finally agreed to meet her. But she was only given 15 minutes. Even the venue was decided to be on Peter’s way to the airport.
  • “Thanks for agreeing to see me, Mr. Peter.” Yan Wen carried herself gracefully and showed no sign of displeasure. She raised her hand to initiate a handshake and she was speaking in fluent Italian.
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