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Chapter 11 Confrontation

  • The next morning, Yan Wen received a call from Xia.
  • "The investors are knocking on Bai Zhexuan's door and Grand Entertainment's reputation took a nosedive. And because of public opinion, Jiang Lingyun has also been dropped from a number of recordings. Yan Wen, you've made it through the first hurdle."
  • The elation in Xia's voice could not be hidden.
  • Being by Yan Wen's side, she had long been uncomfortable with their dirty tactics. They were only getting what they deserved.
  • Yan Wen felt very comfortable about this result.
  • "What about the role?" It was an unintended consequence, and she hoped it had not affected Director Chen.
  • "They haven't decided yet."
  • "Okay. Xia, you need to lay low. I think he'll come after you." Yan Wen was more familiar than most with what Bai Zhexuan might do.
  • She was never going to allow anyone to use her like a pawn again.
  • Yan Wen gave a relieved smile after she hung up the phone.
  • The man sitting across her raised his eyebrow. "Let me know if you need me."
  • "Mhmm!" Yan Wen nodded generously. After last night, she did not need to treat him like a stranger.
  • Her generosity and non-denial left Jiang Sui-an satisfied.
  • "I have a meeting at the office in a bit. Take care of yourself."
  • Yan Wen responsed with a smile. They were special to each other. Their mutual understanding filled the room with the smell of happiness.
  • Yan Wen noticed the time. If she did not show up, how could she make matters worse!
  • The key to this game needed to remain in her hands, so she could turn the tables on Bai Zhexuan!
  • On the day when Grand Entertainment was buzzing with activity, when Bai Zhexuan was ready to search everywhere for her, Yan Wen showed up of her own accord at the company.
  • Wearing a denim dress with her hair pulled into a simple ponytail, she felt full of energy as she entered Bai Zhexuan's office.
  • Bai Zhexuan's secretary was flabbergasted. "Miss Yan Wen!"
  • Yan Wen looked the same as she sat down per normal on the sofa, ignoring Bai Zhexuan next to her.
  • Bai Zhexuan gave an angry huff. "How dare you come back after what you've done?"
  • He threw that day's newspaper on the floor; the front page story was about Jiang Lingyun buying roles.
  • "Do you know how much money the company has invested in Lingyun? Do you know how much we'll lose if we can't clear her name?"
  • Yan Wen purposely fluttered her eyelashes at him and looked confused. "Zhexuan, what are you talking about? I don't understand."
  • "Xia even dared to show off in front of me but you're still pretending to be dumb? Is it fun? Whatever you thought of doing, why couldn't you tell me in advance? Why do you have to do this to Lingyun, to me, to the company?"
  • Yan Wen sat through his interrogation and remembered the time he had fought with her over Jiang Lingyun. Back then, how could she not have seen it? Who he cared about and chose to protect had always been Jiang Lingyun!
  • "Zhexuan, I really don't know what you're talking about. We're about to get married. Why would I hurt you or the company? It won’t do me any good."
  • Yan Wen acted helpless, her face full of innocence.
  • "Fine!" Bai Zhexuan took a deep breath. He completely could not tell if she was acting. "So tell me, where have you been these two days? Why haven't I been able to find you since they found out who you were?"
  • The glare that Bai Zhexuan turned on Yan Wen could set her alight.
  • "I…" Yan Wen coughed. "There were so many reporters that day. It took forever to lose them. If I came straight to look for you, someone would realize that the incident was connected to you."
  • "Really? Do you know how difficult you've made it for me?"
  • Bai Zhexuan might have been angry but he dared not be too harsh. He knew that he had used her many times over the years. If Yan Wen really took issue with him, it would be a huge blow to the company.