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Chapter 106 Catwalk

  • “You want to disqualify Yan Wen?”
  • “This is not my intention, but the rules and regulations had stated clearly that the Star Project will not accept any artist that had bad reputation. In your opinion, Yan Wen was involved in such a big scale scandal, can she be spotless?”
  • “But there were no direct evidence showing she was involved with Du Jingsheng, and I think the case was peculiar. Shouldn’t we seek advice from president Cheng first?”
  • “Who is in charge here, you or me!?´I have decided, Yan Wen will be disqualified and that is final. One more thing, you are not to let anyone know about this, that Yan Wen was disqualified by us. Otherwise it would cause harm to her stardom. Do you get it?”
  • The staff nodded helplessly and left Zhang Erhuan’s office.
  • Although Zhang Erhuan’s reason made sense, but to simply disqualify such a competent actress wouldn’t seem like a wise move. Coincidentally, the staff ran into Wei Lang and he told him all that happened.
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