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Chapter 103 He already has a lover

  • This idea was a combination effort of both Yan Wen and Jiang Sui-an. With just Yan Wen and Xia, they couldn’t have perfected it, they lacked the resources and Jiang Sui-an provided all they needed.
  • He caressed Yan Wen’s fountain of black hair and hugged her.
  • “Wait until tomorrow when the news is released and no one would ever doubt your capabilities anymore. You had won the Golden Dagger award with your own might.”
  • Yan Wen pouted her lips and purred, “Yeah, and thanks to my mysterious manager. Otherwise I will get done in by Zhang Erhuan this time.”
  • Yan Wen was so close to having a permanent smear on her life.
  • Jiang Sui-an drew out his phone and showed Yan Wen a message, “Xia didn’t want to worry you and forwarded this anonymous message to me.”
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