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Chapter 100 Crushed

  • “I have never once thought to win against you. Today, I just want to tell you, let the past be the past. I hope we would never associate anymore and I hope you don’t try to smear my name again. Otherwise, I assure you that I will personally see to it that you are sent to a bottomless pit.”
  • Yan Wen put aside her cutleries and pushed her plate towards Jiang Lingyun.
  • “We were from the same company. Now that you are going KB, this meal is my treat to congratulate you.”
  • After she finished, she held Jiang Sui-an’s arm closely and said, “I don’t like the steak here anymore, let’s not come again.”
  • She was insinuating the steak as Grand Entertainment. Although this place had been a significant part of her life, she had made her choice to leave. Not because of anyone but just merely because it was no longer good enough for her.
  • “You really want to leave Grand?” Jiang Lingyun sneered, “No company will sign you!”
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