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Irresistible Romance

Irresistible Romance

Nydia Bates

Last update: 2023-10-25

Chapter 1 I Can Help You Out

  • It was 10 p.m. when Yan Wen drunkenly dragged her tired body back to the apartment. Since she was getting married the next day, she had celebrated the end of singleness with some friends but had a bit too much to drink.
  • Yan Wen was slumped on the sofa with her eyes closed, when she heard some strange noises coming from the bathroom. It sounded like a couple's heavy breathing. She fumbled over to investigate, leaning on the wall when suddenly a woman's voice rang out, "Faster… Faster!"
  • Shameful thumping sounds pierced her eardrums, and then abruptly stopped. Her blood ran cold as the only sound left was the man's heavy breathing.
  • "Don't wake Yan Wen up. Get dressed and I'll send you home." The man whispered hoarsely.
  • "Oh, are you scared she'll find out about us? Don't worry, she drank too much tonight... You might be marrying her tomorrow, but tonight, you're all mine!"
  • Jiang Lingyun pursed her lips in disapproval and out of the corner of her eye, spotted the indistinct silhouette through the shower door. She smirked and laughed. Yan Wen, isn't it about time you gave up? This way, the child I'm carrying can officially be recognized!
  • Outside the bathroom, Yan Wen held back her tears and staggered backwards. Leaning on the wall for support, she clenched the fists hanging by her sides as the blood drained from her face.
  • She had given up a starring role to Jiang Lingyun for this man. She had put all her effort and resources into promoting Jiang Lingyun for this man.
  • But they... had already been hooking up!
  • The battle continued in the bathroom for a long time before finally quieting. Yan Wen lay back on the sofa silently, restraining the roiling pain in her heart.
  • After a while, Jiang Lingyun left the apartment on the elbow of the man.
  • Hiding behind the curtains, Yan Wen watched as they got in the car together. Her heart felt like it was going to shatter and her eyes swam with tears.
  • He had promised to go to the Marriage Registration Office with her! What was he going to do about that!
  • Her heart was filled with desolation and betrayal. Angry and yet still hurting, Yan Wen had a sleepless night. The next day, wanting to know what Bai Zhexuan had to say for himself, she got a car to the Marriage Registration Office as previously agreed.
  • The appointment time came but Bai Zhexuan did not show up.
  • Yan Wen waited in the corridor for another hour before she finally received a phone call.
  • "Wen, Jiang Lingyun injured herself while she was helping you train the rookie. I need to head there now. Regarding the registration, let's do it another day!!"
  • Huh…… He said it so casually.
  • Yan Wen clutched at the phone and hung up angrily. When she had discovered the truth last night, she had already decided not to go through with this marriage! Another day? He could keep dreaming!
  • Since Jiang Lingyun was more important than the countless years they had spent together, she wished this scumbag couple many long years together!
  • As Yan Wen exited the building, she noticed a fancy car parked nearby. A tall man got off, walking towards her while taking off his sunglasses. In the moment he took them off, the world seemed to lose focus.
  • He gave off a mysterious yet oppressive feeling, like the aura of an emperor forcing peasants to bow before him.
  • Yan Wen suddenly remembered that she had seen him before at a brand launch event. He was the president of Dahua Entertainment, Jiang Sui-an.
  • Two years might have passed since then, but his imposing manner was the same. His tailored suit showed off his excellent figure, and his whole body exuded unattainability.
  • "Mr. President, I still can't reach Miss Mo… Shall I get someone to pick her up?" Jiang Sui-an's assistant asked quietly.
  • "No need. I won't wait for a woman who can't even show up to her wedding on time." He glowered frostily, voice low.
  • "But the Chairman insisted that you must marry today, otherwise…" His assistant's voice became softer as he spoke.
  • "I'll give you twenty minutes. Find a random woman." He ordered without hesitation.
  • Random?
  • Yan Wen's eye twitched. Jiang Sui-an needed to marry a random woman and she, facing betrayal from her fiancé, also needed a man to attach herself to. That would be a slap in the face for Bai Zhexuan!
  • She wanted to tell Bai Zhexuan that even without him, she could find a better man. She would make him regret!
  • Yan Wen made up her mind and quickly stepped up to Jiang Sui-an.
  • "President Jiang, if you can't find a wife, perhaps you could consider me? My name is Yan Wen."
  • Time stilled as Jiang Sui-an raised his eyebrows, looking at the slim figure in front of him.