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Chapter 439 Family’s Support

  • Old man Jiang’s words made Yan Wen teared up again. She didn't think that she could hear words of comfort from the Jiang family in times like this.
  • “Why? What did grandpa say?”
  • “Grandpa… He told me to be strong and not be too sad. Darling, I really didn't know that being protected and cared for are such warm strength. I must've done a lot of good deeds in my previous life and so I could marry you this life.”
  • Jiang Sui-an held Yan Wen’s hand gently. His closely knitted eyebrows slowly released, “He finally did something right.”
  • Yan Wen’s emotion was finally soothed. After that, Zeng Eryu called and asked Yan Wen what happened. As Yan Wen’s mother, she was the most worried one after seeing that news. But she didn't know how should she make the call and not hurt Yan Wen, therefore she had been contemplating all this while…
  • And being sheltered by Jiang Sui-an, Yan Wen didn't know about those hurtful media contents.
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