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Chapter 404 He Couldn’t Be Restful

  • “Of course I’ll be accepting the offer!”
  • Ximan drew a deep breath and calmed herself down. There was another reason why she wanted to cast this female lead. She had been dating the actor Li Wei and they planned to cast in this movie together. Now that Yunan had signed Li Wei but Yan Wen had taken her spot!
  • “Sis Man, don’t be angry…” The manager tried her best to calm her down.
  • “Do I look angry? If only you could do a better job in your PR, could I be losing to Yan Wen?” Ximan pushed her manager in rage. And then she turned back in remorse, “It’s not your fault. Sorry for my rudeness. Who could win against Da Hua in the showbiz? After all, Yan Wen’s manager is Jiang Sui-an.”
  • Ximan was sure that the reason Yan Wen could snatch this role was due to Da Hua’s underhanded tricks. Who knew how much they had spent to bribe the entire director crew? As for Yan Wen, she was nothing!
  • Her rightful role was snatched right under her nose. There was just no way for her to stomach that.
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