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Chapter 397 Unable To Accept The Public’s Doubt Towards Yan Wen

  • It was a difficult feat to get such a huge acknowledgement from the fashion world whilst focusing on her acting career. It wasn’t something just any other female celebrities could pull off. Back when Yan Wen was undergoing immense pressure to enter the set as replacing female lead, everyone had expected the worst from her. And now she had proven herself with her own hard work!
  • Dahua released the news right away and Yan Wen’s fans were elated!
  • Although Yan Wen chose to dive in her movie production during the most crucial time of her comeback, and in turn moved away from the spotlight, she hadn't lost her shines. When her movie was achieving a great result, the fashion world had also noticed her potential.
  • As her personal manager, Jiang Sui-an had long anticipated this.
  • Now that Yan Wen was not only recognized as a top-tier actress in the movie industry, she was also a rising star in the fashion world.
  • “Yan Wen is the best! She had never let her fans down! I went back to watch her WM ad again and she was such a perfect match with boss Jiang!”
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