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Chapter 365 The Person That Breached the Contract Wasn’t Ouyang Hai

  • Once Xia heard him, she turned on the TV and switched to the news channel.
  • “Dear friends, now I am at the set location of Midnight Fanatic! We can see that this terrain is dangerous but breathlessly beautiful. If it’s included in the movie, it would definitely captivate and wow the audience!”
  • “This is the first time the set allows visitors. After the previous incident, we hadn’t been seeing female cast 4, Yan Wen around. It seems that the rumors were true, the set and producers had once-sidedly decided to replaced her.”
  • “We have just confirmed with the hospital that Yan Wen was discharged. And we have no idea with her whereabouts now.”
  • “It doesn’t matter if Yan Wen was truly related to those supernatural claims, but the for the sake of delivering the best to the audience, the production crew had weathered the immense pressure from Da Hua and replaced the female cast 4. This has showed their sincerity and work ethics, they placed outmost emphasis on the actor’s competence and conducts…”
  • “This reporter is bribed by the producers!” Xia frowned.
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