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Chapter 268 If she’s selling, then she’s selling to me

  • Shangguan Li held onto the passport and bankcards and her eyes welled up.
  • She remembered the words Yan Wen spoke to her, that life would definitely gave her a way out. As long as she didn’t give up, she would definitely meet her fated one. And after that, every pain she experienced would be erased by the man’s unending love.
  • Everyone had their own way of expressing love. But most importantly, one has to have trust in their partner.
  • Rick kissed her forehead gently, “Go wash up, I’ll prepare breakfast.”
  • Shangguan Li nodded in merry. She tiptoed and kissed the man, “Okay.”
  • Although Rick never seemed to be a passionate person and he was always heedful when carrying himself around the media and reporters, it was all an act he put up. He had always appeared to be cheerful to cover up the pain within.
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